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RC's Christmas Gift Guide

RC's Christmas Gift Guide

RC's Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The festive season is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and reconvene with old friends, but with this joy comes the stresses of Christmas shopping. After all, what do you buy for the cyclist in your life that’s seemingly got it all?! If you’ve got someone close to you that likes to spend their spare time in the saddle, or you yourself are trying to conjure up gift ideas for those desperately asking what you want, read on! This guide should give you plenty of gift options, ideas and inspiration, making your Christmas shopping a walk in Richmond Park.



Stocking Fillers

Small presents go a long way, and stocking fillers are a great way to give a thoughtful gift to a loved one. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant or expensive, but it should be something that shows you care! Who doesn’t love a good stocking filler?


Cycle Of Good Christmas Stocking

First of all, you’ll need a stocking to put your gifts in! There are two things that cyclists couldn’t live without: coffee and inner tubes. This Christmas Stocking from Cycle Of Good is hand-crafted from a coffee sack and inner tubes, and best of all, it’s 100% recycled – perfect! 



Cycle Of Good: Wallet, Pocket Wallet, Bag & Phone Case

When it comes to unique, high-quality cycling-related gifts, Cycle Of Good is leading the charge. Each of these is handmade with recycled inner tubes, perfect for your cycling-centric friend or family member. As well as being hand-crafted, Cycle Of Good donates all of its profits to childcare and non-profit social enterprises in Malawi.

Not only are these thoughtful gifts, but you’ll be saving the planet and benefiting humanity all at the same time! 



Knog Oi Luxe Bell

This sleek, stylish and compact bell is unlike any you’ve seen before. Just as functional as the bells we’re used to seeing, the Knog Oi significantly reduces the form factor and looks the part. It’s the perfect addition to the busy commuter or city rider’s bike that doesn’t want the bulk of a traditional bell getting in the way on their bars, leaving plenty of room for lights and computer mounts.



Happy Bottom Bum Butter (available in-store only)

Whilst thinking about your loved one’s backside is probably the last thing you want to do, we can assure you that they’ll greatly appreciate it! Chamois cream makes long days out in the saddle infinitely more comfortable by reducing friction where it matters most, and Happy Bottom Bum Butter is a great example of how it should be done.

Produced in the UK, it’s 100% vegan, made with natural ingredients and zero animal testing – even the packaging is recyclable. Endorsed by some of the world’s best cyclists, it also has countless glowing reviews from everyday endurance athletes, so as well as having a funny name, it’s actually very good!



Wizard Works: Bar Bag, Saddlebag, Top Tube Bag, Tool Roll

Straight out of South East London, these handmade cycling storage solutions are the perfect way to keep your snacks, tools, electronics – you name it – all together on your rides. With plenty of unique and exciting colourways and designs from subtle to downright funky, there’s something for everyone.



100% S2 Sagan Sunglasses

Though we may be in the depths of winter, don’t dismiss the functionality of sunglasses. For cyclists, they’re vital for keeping the wind out of our eyes and preventing rogue bugs kamikazing into your face. When it comes to eyewear, 100% are producing some seriously high-quality pieces used by some of the most highly-regarded cyclists in the world, and these are no different. The Sagan edition S2 sunglasses are sleek and stylish, and would make any cyclist look the part.



Bontrager RIDETime Computer

Data, data, data. Cyclists love recording data – after all, if it’s not on Strava, did it really happen? Simple and user-friendly, the Bontrager RIDETime displays the key metrics you’ll need for ride tracking in an affordable package.



Richmond Merch

It would be rude to create a Christmas gift list without mentioning our very own Richmond Cycles products. Produced with the utmost quality and care, these are the perfect gifts for the loyal Richmond Cycles customer that wants to represent their favourite local bike shop with pride.


Richmond Socks

Though seen as a Christmas gift faux pas in some circles, in the cycling world things are different. Socks are a statement piece, so whether you’re matching your kit, representing your club, team or in this case your favourite local bike shop, you really can’t go wrong!



Richmond Cycles Cap

The humble cycling cap – this simple piece of headwear is an essential part of the cyclists’ wardrobe. Though there are many caps out there, only this one bears the crest of Richmond’s best bike shop, so whether you’re peak up or peak down, wear it with passion!



Richmond Arm Warmers (available in-store only)

We all know too well how cold it gets at this time of year, so for the all-weather cyclist layering up is the key to success. Ideal in variable temperatures, arm warmers are easily removed should you get too warm and vice versa, perfect for regulating your body heat. Oh, and did we mention that they have a rather fetching Richmond Cycles logo on them too?


Richmond Flask

Nothing quite beats the feeling of a hot drink in the winter, apart from a warm drink that never goes cold! Keep your coffee insulated whilst representing Richmond Cycles. This stainless steel flask is reusable, durable, and best of all it’ll fit perfectly in your bottle cage so you can experience that joy out on the road!



Richmond Musette

This simple storage solution has been used by the pros at feed zones since bike racing began. However, their use isn’t exclusive to the pro ranks – a musette is ideal for taking small bits and bobs with you on the bike, like your lunch on the way to work, or transporting your array of cycling gifts back from the in-laws’!


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