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The Enigma Range at Richmond Cycles

The Enigma Range at Richmond Cycles

The Enigma Range at Richmond Cycles

The sun is shining, we are dusting off our kit and getting excited for warmer rides. With the advent of Spring we wanted to shed some light on the Engima range we have here at Richmond Cycles. Perfect for your road or gravel adventures this spring! 


Who are Enigma? 

Enigma couple their passions of precision engineering with British craftsmanship, building top performance handcrafted bicycle frames and complete builds. 

Starting out 13 years ago in a shed to now occupying a 8000sq ft workshop, Enigma have a love affair with cycling that truly comes across in their craftsmanship

Based in Sussex, Enigma produces high quality bikes from steel, stainless steel and titanium which are all engineered for supreme performance! 

Here at Richmond Cycles we have selected bikes from the Enigma core range. This core range from Enigma has been developed using their 14 years of experience and  are custom order here at Richmond Cycles. So make sure to contact us if one tickles your fancy! 



Adventure and Gravel 

The Escape 

The Escape is a highly adaptable and hugely capable all terrain titanium gravel bike. It’s equally at home munching mile after mile of tarmac on an ultra endurance road event or some back of beyond forestry bridleway for those seeking for a bit more solitude. 

The Escape has been designed for mixed road/offroad, and touring use. It’s also quite at home on audax rides, endurance racing, commuting, gravel, allroad, singletrack and more! 


The Endeavor 

This modern and versatile steel bike is Enigma’s latest foray in to the world of adventure bikes. It’s based on their incredibly popular Escape model and built with a combination of lightweight tubes from Columbus, Reynolds and Dedacciai. The Endeavour is packed with all the features you would expect to find on a bike of this kind.


Road Bikes 

The Evoke

Built from Titanium, the Evoke is an out and out road focused frame designed for moderate to fast paced road riding for riders with good flexibility. It’s a wonderful blend of performance, precise handling and smoothness with sleek lines and modern aesthetics that make this an exhilarating and highly rewarding ride.

The Evoke is perfectly suited to summer club rides, fast solo blasts, all day epics, sportive, and even the occasional race.


The Excel 

Responsive, predictable and wonderfully compliant, the Excel is precision engineered for that ultimate titanium ride experience. It’s the seamless fusion of frame-building expertise coupled with the vision for a beautiful modern finish.

Engineered from low density grade titanium, the Excel exhibits outstanding characteristics. With a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance, it’s a frame material that lends itself wonderfully to a premium build bicycle.


The Etape

The Etape suits almost all road riding styles and is intended for riders that are focussed on endurance, long distance comfort and all-season versatility. It can cover a huge range of conditions such as club runs, audax, endurance racing, touring, light gravel, winter training, commuting, and more.

The Etape sits in the Enigma core range between the Evoke and Escape, the Evoke leaning more toward fast road use without the versatility of the Etape, the Escape more for off-road with increased tyre clearance and relaxed geometry.


Like what you see? Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in an Enigma customer order. 

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