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Shop Rides Unwrapped: What To Expect

Shop Rides Unwrapped: What To Expect

Shop Rides Unwrapped: What To Expect

If the last year has been good for anything, it’s been good for getting more people onto bikes. Whether you’re a new convert or you’ve recently returned to two wheels, you may have heard about our shop rides but are yet to take the plunge and join us. Well, here’s why you should – and hopefully the answers to any queries you might have too!

Congenial Gains

As much as it’s pretty fun pretending to be Jens Voigt on yet another 200km breakaway, heading out with some mates is better in our book. Even if you think you have all the local routes down, it’s almost guaranteed that someone knows a hidden lane that magically connects two climbs you’ve never been able to hit on the same ride before. On those days where the bad weather and mechanicals seem to catch you at every turn, the moral support of other riders is invaluable.

photo of the group out on a gravel rde in front of some pylons

The Richmond Cycles Shop Rides

Our weekly rides are a pretty relaxed affair – if you’re looking for skill drills and a through-and-off chain gang, this probably isn’t the place. We operate a strict “No Drop” policy, so the group will never leave you behind if you’re struggling, and we always make time for a coffee stop. Numbers dependent, we usually split the group into two based on experience/fitness levels. 

The Friday ride tends to stick pretty local, and on Sunday’s we head out to the Surrey Hills. On occasion we’ll also put together a gravel run, but unless specified its best to bring your road bike along, or a gravel bike with slick tyres.

photo from the rear of a road ride group

What To Bring

While we won’t leave anyone behind, it’s best to be equipped for heading home on your own in case you need to jet off early. Bring at least one tube or a reliable tubeless repair system, pump and multitool. A means of payment is advisable not just for the cafe, but also in case a train or taxi becomes necessary! 

Please do your best to ensure that your bike is roadworthy before the ride, of course. We have a busy workshop so pre-ride tweaks are generally not a possibility, but we will always help where we can. 

Up for it? Head over to our TeamApp page to see what we have scheduled.

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