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Trek Project One: It's Closer Than You Think

Trek Project One: It's Closer Than You Think

Trek Project One: It's Closer Than You Think

Trek’s custom shop program – Project One – has been bringing people’s two-wheeled dreams to reality for many years now. While there are quite literally no limits to what is possible with a Project One build (and correspondingly no limit to the bill at the end), that really isn’t the whole story here. 

Sure, you can run wild with the paintwork or fly out to the States to pick your new ride up from the factory. But the real power behind Trek’s Project One is that it gives you the ability to ride away on a perfect fitting bike, equipped perfectly for your needs, without paying over the odds for it. And, in the bicycle stock drought of 2021, it’s actually the fastest way to a new premium road bike!

Project One is limited to the upper echelons of the range of Trek Models in their SLR offerings, but if these are the models you’re looking at then consider this: choose one of the standard colourways and there’s no extra cost AND you get to specify the stem length, bar width, seatpost length and crank length to ensure an optimum fit. Simply head into the shop to see us, we can measure you up if you don’t have bike fit dimensions to work from, and we will order the right bike for you. Without the need to alter a stock bike to suit your physiology, you’re already quids in!

If you would be likely to upgrade some parts of the standard equipment, Project One also offers the opportunity to simply get it done from the get-go. No need to sell on that OEM wheelset because really you wanted the 62mm deep sections, just pick them out for the build and lose nothing over it. The same goes for saddles, cockpit arrangements, gear ratios, the works. 

Currently, with many stock bikes over a year away from landing in stores, going custom will also save you a lot of waiting. Place a Project One order today and you could be riding in October in certain models! Give us a call or drop an email to shop@richmondcycles.com and let’s get started. 

Feel free to get playing at colourways/specs on the link below for current Project models, please note that sizing options are only available through bike shops rather than the consumer site.


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