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Zwiftly does it

Zwiftly does it

Zwiftly does it

But sweat really doesn't!

There is no doubt that Zwift has saved us during Lockdown. Even now when we can go out to exercise more, and pop by one of two of our favourite cake stops, it is still going out for a solo ride. On Zwift we can, sort of, be in it together. But there is a price to pay...

Our top tips to keep the bike rolling


Sweat dripping is going to happen but landing on your (aluminium) bike parts is not good for it. The corrosion could be happening under the tape of your handlebars or finding its way to your seat post, cables and downtube. You don’t want to find this out when you are out and about in the Surrey Hills. Ride with gloves and/or a towel over your handlebars. Grease your seat post and take time to wipe your bike down after each ride. If you don’t mind adding more bits to your bike try a sweat net.


The back wheel will wear out… and quickly if you are on it a lot! Invest in a spare tyre or training tyre. Smell burning? Call for water and stop cycling.


Out of the saddle riding is going to put significant load on the front wheel, leading to uneven fatigue. A suggestion is rotating your front wheel 1/4 turn before each workout or once a week to even the wear. And so you know you are not alone here’s just some of our cycling friends sharing their stay at home cycling set up.

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