The Vielo R+1, a bike born from the genuine passion and ingenuity of the father-and-son duo, Ian and Trevor Hughes, is not your average road bike. Designed and built in-house right here in the UK, this bike is a testament to British design and engineering, tailored to the unique challenges presented by our unique road and weather conditions.

Designed by Riders, for Riders

Ian and Trevor Hughes didn't just want to create another aero road bike, perfectly suited to silky smooth European roads and summer climates. Recognising the need for a high-performance British bike that could handle the nuances of UK roads and weather conditions, they founded Vielo. The R+1 is the result of their dedication to delivering a top-tier cycling experience, blending style, functionality and speed with a touch of British flair.

Embracing the 1x Revolution

Vielo boldly embraces the future of cycling with its 1x-only design. The absence of a front mech not only simplifies the drivetrain but also sheds weight, reduces the chance of chain drios, enhancing the overall performance. These bikes aren’t just built to accommodate a 1x setup, their frames are purpose-built for 1x, allowing for aerodynamic tube shaping and enhanced power transfer.

The R+1 comes equipped with Vielo's own 1x chainrings, boasting a narrow-wide tooth profile crafted from 7075 billet alloy and using SRAM’s eight-bolt direct mount. The result? A beautiful and high-performing setup that stands out on the road.

Aero, Lightweight, Fast – The R+1 Advantage

The departure of the front mech allowed Vielo a lot of creative freedom, optimising their frame design to maximise performance in ways that previously wouldn’t have been possible. Reduced weight is the most obvious advantage, with the R+1 Strato frame weighing in at just under 1,100g, while the R+1 Alto is a feather-light 880g. The unique chain stays with kamm-tail tubing contribute to an aerodynamically optimised design, ensuring you cut through the wind effortlessly.

By eliminating the front derailleur, Vielo has opted for a more forward, over-the-pedals rider position, enhancing power delivery and opening up the rider's hips. The frame's symmetric and wider bottom bracket utilises the space previously occupied by the front mech and double chainrings, resulting in superior power transfer and an agile, responsive ride.

No Compromise – Comfort Is Key

The R+1 isn't just about speed – it's about comfort too. With more than enough clearance for 32mm tires, this high-performance road bike offers a plenty of speed all while providing a plush ride. Vielo's in-house carbon handlebars ensure excellent vibration damping for those bumpy British roads, and a touch of flare to keep your wrists comfortable on long rides.

The versatility of the Vielo R+1 makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of riders: modern, fast, comfortable and drop-dead gorgeous. If you like the look of this bike, there are some serious bargains to be had right now at Richmond Cycles – save 35% off this very bike (while stocks last!) by clicking here or heading in-store.

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January 25, 2024 — Richmond Cycles