Enigma is the gold standard when it comes to handcrafted, well-engineered and downright attractive bicycles. Based out of their workshop in East Sussex, they’ve been conjuring up some of the finest bikes in the country since 2006 – each frame meticulously designed and built to order in-house. Best known for their expertise in titanium frame building (they also work with steel!), their range of bikes covers all aspects of cycling, so whether you’re an avid roadie, dabble in gravel or are passionate about off-road, there’s something for everyone.

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So, Why Titanium?

Titanium is a notoriously difficult material to work with, so why do Enigma choose it? Simply put: they believe that titanium offers the best all-round performance when it comes to weight, comfort, strength, ride quality and corrosion resistance. A well-crafted titanium frame rides like no other, and it just so happens that they don’t look half bad either! Classic lines and round tubes make these frames absolutely timeless, and the tune-ability of the material means that each one can be tailored to suit a specific purpose. With the better part of 17 years of experience in working with titanium, it’s safe to say that Enigma knows a thing or two about the intricacies of the material and how to build world-class bikes with it.

The Range


Enigma’s Signature series of bikes come with a myriad of options. Whether it be custom geometry, wider tyre clearance, or eyelets: these bikes can be tweaked to perfectly meet your requirements! Each bike in the Signature series is handmade in their Sussex-based workshop.

Endurance Riding Excellence


This luxurious road bike is designed for long days in the saddle, crafted from hand-selected grade 9 3AL 2.5V Ti tubing for the perfect combination of lightweight and high strength. The standard fit is fairly relaxed for fast yet comfortable riding, but can be tailored to your liking with the option of custom geometry. Rim or disc, electronic or mechanical gearing – whatever your choice, the Echelon has it covered.

The All-Round Roadie

Excel Ti64

The Excel is the quintessential premium road bike, blending speed, smoothness and comfort for the perfect all-round package. The grade 5 6AL 4V Ti tubing is particularly hard to tame, but once mastered, its high strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue resistance make for a seriously high-performance frame – arguably the ultimate titanium experience. Being in their signature range, the Excel Ti64 can be tailored to your exact needs should you wish.

Fast-Paced Gravel


Sitting somewhere between an endurance road bike and a race-ready 'cross bike, the Esker is Enigma’s signature gravel offering, and its versatility is really what makes it stand out. Be it tearing up the gravel, racing local cyclo-cross events, churning out winter road miles or even cross-continental touring, the Esker is never out of its comfort zone. The Ti tube set has been carefully considered, opting for a 6AL 4V downtube for enhanced strength and rigidity, and of course, the geometry can be tweaked if that’s a route you wish to go down.

Steel explorer


Made for all things adventure, this bike is ideal as a year-round roadie, going beyond the tarmac, and everything in between. The Endeavour is the steel alternative to Enigma’s popular Ti Escape model, and is a material Enigma are very familiar with – known for its excellent ride quality, modern tubing brings the performance with a timeless aesthetic. The geometry favours comfort and stability on rough terrain, with hefty tyre clearances up to 700x43mm (or 650x47mm), as well as plenty of mounts for cargo cages and racks.

The Range


The Core range from Enigma features their best-selling titanium models, each using a standardised geometry. These bikes aren’t quite as customisable as the Signature series, but with a range of component specifications to choose from you’ll still be able to pick a bike that perfectly suits your needs. Each frame is designed and hand-finished in Enigma’s UK workshop, built to the highest standards in their overseas factory.

Fast & Focused

Evoke Mk3

The Evoke is an out-and-out road-focused frame, designed to go fast on the tarmac without sacrificing the comfort and ride quality that titanium is known for. Blending performance, precise handling and excellent ride quality, the Evoke is perfectly suited to casual club rides, all-day epics, speedy pacelines or even racing! New features including internal cable routing, threaded T47 bottom bracket and stiffer chainstays all contribute to the Evoke MK3’s well-rounded nature, and its dashing looks make it stand out in a sea of carbon.


Etape Mk3

Covering all avenues of road cycling, the Etape is a year-round roadie like no other, serving as Enigma’s supremely comfortable 4 season endurance machine. The compliant frame with clearance up to 35mm tyres is ideal for broken UK roads: club runs, audax, endurance racing, touring, winter training, commuting and even light gravel – you name it, the Etape can do it.

Where The Road Ends

Escape Mk2

Why limit yourself to the tarmac when there’s so much more to explore? The surge in popularity of all-road and gravel in recent years has made the Escape one of Enigma’s most popular models, and it isn’t hard to see why. Clearance for 700x50mm tyres (or 650x58mm), off-road optimised geometry and mounts for all kinds of storage make it perfect for mixed-terrain riding and touring. Enigma also offers the Escape MK2 in a flat bar option if you want to throw it back to the rigid-fork MTBs of the 90s!

Titanium Trailblazer


Tackle the trails with titanium – the Eolus is Enigma’s latest foray into the world of MTB, culminating in a classic trail-focused hardtail that can shred the singletrack or bikepack up and down the country. The frame’s progressive geometry is long and slack, maximising composure and control on technical descents and attacking trail features. Internal routing for a dropper seatpost, boost rear axle spacing and clearance for at least 29 x 2.6” tyres make this bike suitable for the most demanding riders, and the unique braced top tube/seat tube design allows for increased standover for weight shifting to enhance balance and grip.

Not only are the folks over at Enigma extremely skilled and talented frame builders, but they’re also seriously good at painting them! What better way to complement your incredible titanium frame than with a stunning paint job? Enigma offers a range of house paint schemes with excellent value for money without compromising on style and quality, however, a full custom option is available for those that want to go all out. When it comes to custom paint jobs, the only limiting factor is your imagination – if you can dream it, Enigma can do it! Each frame is meticulously hand-painted, even down to the logos, as well as hand-flatted and polished for the best possible finish. These bikes really are something to behold – we could stare at them all day!

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