There’s nothing quite like a custom bike: finding the perfect frame, picking out your personal specifications and seeing it all come together – what’s not to like? Whether it’s a custom geometry high-performance road bike or a sensibly-specced reliable off-roader, we’re here to help you realise your dream bike!

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Enigma are true artisans of frame building. Having honed their skills over their relatively short lifespan, they’ve earned a reputation for creating some of the most desirable titanium bikes out there. Best of all, they’re based right here in the UK. Road, adventure, gravel or MTB, their range covers it all – if a titanium frame is what you’re after, look no further.

Road Frames (starting from): £1,999
Complete Road Bikes (starting from): £3,900
Gravel Frames (starting from): £1,999
Complete Gravel Bikes (starting from): £4,200

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All-City is a brand that isn’t afraid to bend the rules. Their steel-framed steeds are packed full of flair and panache, blending modern design features with traditional and timeless aesthetics. Offering boutique-esque bikes on a more accessible scale, whether you’re a dedicated roadie, city-dweller or off-road enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone.

Road Frames (starting from): £1,650
Complete Road Bike (starting from): £3,299
All-Road Frames (starting from): £1,100
Complete All-Road Bike (starting from): £2,899

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Based in the UK, the carbon connoisseurs at Vielo make stunning bikes that are capable in changeable conditions and on the questionable road surfaces that we’re all too used to. Compared to the latest crop of performance-focused carbon frames, they stand out like a sore thumb, but in a good way! Sleek lines, stunning paint jobs, high-performance and built for UK riding – what more could you ask for?

Road Frames (starting from): £4,199
Complete Road Bike (starting from): £4,899
Gravel Frames (starting from): £4,599
Complete Gravel Bike (starting from): £4,599

Our Picks

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