We’re passionate about bikes – building them, riding them, maintaining them and talking about them. In short, we’re bike geeks. But don’t let that put you off!

Our shop is a friendly, unintimidating place where you can browse our hand-picked ranges and have a chat about your needs. We’ll service all the family’s bikes to the highest possible standard and explain what we’re doing without making you feel like an idiot. Basically, we’re here to help you get the most out of your cycling.

Richmond Cycles is the longest serving independent bike shop in the area. We’re proud to work with innovative British brands, and we strive to support sustainability in the corporate landscape.

Meet The Team


Currently riding: The Trek Domane SLR7 for long days on the road and the Enigma Escape for just getting lost.

And there's more: As a small child in his native Kansas, Richard’s three favourite things were singing on stage, riding his bike and playing tennis. Fast forward a few decades, three kids and a hip replacement later and he’s built a life around doing all three.

You can rely on him to be leading the Sunday Shop Ride...unless he happens to be singing.


Currently riding: Not shying away from a colourful paint job you will see Jake coming on his Trek Madone SLR9. A Trek X-Caliber 9 or a custom All-City Nature Cross are waiting in the wings for rainy muddy days.

And there's more: A fountain of knowledge, Jake is happy to talk to anyone and everyone about any type of riding. He discovered his love of two wheels chasing across skateparks on a BMX but a few years and a degree in Sport Science later, he now prefers road racing and fixed gear criteriums.


Currently riding: An Emonda SLR9 in full race spec for the days pinning a number on. When not seen flying around the local race circuits, a full custom geometry Enigma touring bike caters for the adventures. The template is the Esprit but what he has is one of a kind.

And there's more: A multiple Haute Route rider and support mechanic, Arthur loves the challenge of a perplexing mechanical conundrum and refuses to stop until a bike is purring. You’ll be amazed to see what he can do when you give him some good coffee, a couple of Clif bars and some jazz.


Currently riding: Clocking up serious miles on his second Trek Checkpoint SL6 when the going is a bit muckier, although a shiny new Emonda SLR9 is kept for those sunnier days when the paint really sparkles!

And there's more: We’ve been told that once upon a time, Anthony worked as a business analyst. Now happily freed from the tyranny of spreadsheets, he’s a Cytech Level 2 expert and is happiest when he has a spanner in one hand and (more importantly) a good cup of coffee in the other. He’s also a stalwart of St Margaret’s Cycling Club.


Currently riding: Rides a Trek Checkpoint SL6 most days – with a camera tucked in the back. A rather tasty full custom Enigma Excel is kept for the sunny days on the road.

And there's more: Phil is also a professional photographer, with his handiwork making up a lot of the wonderful images you'll find across our website!

Anthony P

Currently riding: corrr...Anthony has gone all in, building up a custom Enigma Escape and trying out a new kind of riding after years as a roadie. 

And there's more: Despite the love for his Brompton, the draw of the hills is strong and Anthony's road bikes are never neglected. You may also occasionally see him reliving his misspent youth with a Fender Stratocaster round his neck... a copy of a 1979 single from his band’s only release recently sold for £498!


Currently riding: A Trek Fuel EX 9.7 for the trail days, although can often be seen commuting around on his trusty Surly Karate Monkey keeping his Trek tucked up inside.

And there's more: Adam holds the shop record for the fastest Brompton fold and it’s rumoured he can diagnose any issue just by listening. Fluent in translating technical talk, he’s been pivotal in making our workshop a vibrant, customer-orientated space. If he’s not there, he’ll be riding his motorcycle across the country to watch British Motorsport, usually in the rain.