The best bike for urban travel just got better: say hello to the Brompton Electric! Brompton are one of the original innovators of the folding bike format, and still lead the charge to this day. They changed the game when it comes to two-wheeled transport in urban environments, and their entry into the E-Bike arena opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Using the same original 3-stage fold the Brompton is famous for, the Electric range – as the name suggests – introduces the added bonus of an electric motor. As convenient as ever, you can still take it on buses and peak-time trains. Cycling through the city has never been easier! Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on.

How Does It Work?

While at first glance the Brompton Electric may look similar to your standard C Line, there’s a whole lot of smart technology going on here! Housed in the front wheel hub, the pedal-assist motor uses smart torque sensors to measure the exact amount of pressure you put through the pedals when riding. The harder you pedal, the more assistance you receive. Equally, when you want to slow down, the sensor will pick up that you’ve let off the pedal power and reduce the input from the motor.

The amount of assistance that the motor provides can be adjusted by the rider to suit the terrain via the control panel on top of the battery pack. The Brompton Electric breaks the levels of assistance down into 4 simple modes:

  • Mode 0
    • No powered assistance. Rides exactly like a standard Brompton, and the clutch is disconnected automatically to allow the wheel to roll resistance-free. This is great for conserving battery power.
  • Mode 1
    • Minimal electric motor assistance. This serves as an extra boost when pulling away from traffic lights, or riding up steady hills – the rider does most of the work, but there’s a helping hand.
  • Mode 2
    • Providing a strong boost from a standstill and taking the edge off rolling hills, this mode provides plenty of power without using up too much battery, suiting almost every scenario even with luggage on board.
  • Mode 3
    • The most power. When the going gets tough on really steep inclines, this is the mode to reach for. It burns through the most battery, however, so is best used for short sprints only!

Why Make The Switch?

Go Further & Faster

Distance to the office can often be the limiting factor holding riders back from commuting by bike – if that’s the case, Brompton Electric could change the way you travel. Thanks to the addition of an electric motor, the same effort will grant you more miles, making cycling to work much more accessible for everyone. If you’re a frequent commuter, a Brompton is the key to multi-modal transport (we did a blog post all about it here!) – whether it’s peak or off-peak, unlike a standard bike, the Brompton Electric is allowed on the train at any time (as long as it’s fully folded!). If the weather takes a turn for the worst, dive into the nearest station, or increase your possible commute distance by riding to and from the station. Flexibility is Brompton’s middle name!

An Electric Brompton is also a great way to expand your horizons out of the workplace. Head out on weekend adventures and explore further afield – an electric bike will help you to go further and enjoy the ride.

Carry More For Less

The luggage-carrying ability of an E-Bike is second to none, and the Brompton Electric is no different. With the carrier block up front, and the option of a rack-equipped model, you can carry a surprising amount of stuff on your Brompton. Whether you’re commuting daily, running errands or shopping for groceries, pack your bags to your heart's content – when it’s time to pull away from the lights or ride uphill, the electric motor takes care of the hard work for you. The capacity may not be huge compared to other full-size E-Bikes out there, but if riders are capable of completing multi-day tours on a Brompton, chances are it’ll cope with your commute just fine. Best of all, even after riding with all that luggage, you won’t arrive at the office drenched in sweat!

Great For Health & Fitness

The health benefits of cycling go without saying, and while you may think that using an electric bike is in some way cheating, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, it makes your day-to-day riding easier (that’s kind of the point!), but by doing so it provides the inclination to ride on days where you might not choose to or be able to do otherwise. More time spent on two wheels is infinitely more beneficial to both physical and mental health than being spent on four!

Cut Down On Costs

As well as improving your health and saving time, an electric Brompton is also an effective way to cut down on travel costs. With fuel and energy prices on the rise, spending money on public transport is a cost that can be minimised, and even avoided entirely. Easily ride between station stops to cut down time and cost, as the compact nature of a Brompton Electric means it can be folded up in a handful of seconds and taken on a train or tube with ease – the perfect multi-modal transport companion!

How Do You Charge It?

Each Brompton Electric comes with a 300Wh battery as standard, securely attached to the front of your bike, all contained within an impressively lightweight 2.9kg package. With 1.5L of storage for your work essentials in a zipped front pocket, as well as a side pocket for a 500ml water bottle, not only is it a convenient way to power your E-Bike, but it’s also a practical addition to your setup. 

Charging is simple – just remove the lightweight battery pack bag with one click, and then plug it into any regular socket just like you would your smartphone or laptop. Fully charged in just 4 hours (or 2 hours with Brompton’s fast charger!), you’ll be well on your way in no time.

What Is The Range?

Depending on your selected power mode, Brompton quotes between 20-45 miles of range with the Brompton Electric. Riding fully assisted in Mode 3 keeps the range at 20 miles, which is perfect if you need to get somewhere in a pinch. For longer days out, the lower modes sit on the larger end of the scale, offering up to the max 45 miles of range, depending on wind and terrain. However, it should be noted that if you use the power sparingly and only when needed, this will enable you to ride your Brompton Electric to provide you with an extra boost for much longer distances.

Explore our range of Bromptons here, or head in-store to check them out in person – you won’t be disappointed!

September 22, 2022 — Richmond Cycles