Brompton needs no introduction – designed and manufactured in London since its invention in the late 70s, when you think of two-wheeled urban transport, you think Brompton. It’s the ultimate folding bike: easily folded to the size of a small suitcase, nimble, agile and great fun to ride – for riding around London, it doesn’t get better!

While the Brompton might look slightly unusual on first inspection, it has been expertly engineered and carefully designed to be as compact and convenient as possible without sacrificing ride quality. As well as keeping the folded size down, the small wheels make for a very nimble ride, thanks to the short wheelbase, and the low centre of gravity means that despite its size, the bike feels planted and stable. Even road spray is more efficiently kept at bay as a result of the diminutive wheel diameter.


Introducing The P Line

Brompton’s range consists of five models: A Line, C Line, Electric C Line, P Line, and T Line. Each line offers a different set of features and options, catering to different budgets and making it easy to find your perfect Brompton. The C Line is what you’d consider the quintessential Brompton, using their tried and tested steel construction and gearing system – the P Line steps things up a notch, sitting just above the C Line in their lineup and introducing some new features and upgraded componentry.


Titanium vs Steel

The P Line replaces the ‘Superlight’ model from their previous lineup, utilising the same combination of steel and titanium to cut a significant chunk of weight over the C Line (2kg to be precise!). While that might not sound like much, if you’re frequently carrying your Brompton up and down flights of stairs or to and from the train, those extra couple of kilos can make all the difference! This weight reduction also translates into a much more agile and nimble ride, ideal for zipping around busy city streets.

Titanium is well known for its ride quality, making it a popular choice when it comes to endurance and touring bikes, and the Brompton is no different. Aside from the weight saving, the P Line’s upgraded rear triangle makes for a seriously smooth ride, absorbing vibrations from the road and bumpy bike paths. Combined with the already smooth-riding steel, and you’re onto a winner.

Aside from weight saving and ride quality, the P Line also comes in a range of rather snazzy metallic paint jobs so that you can commute in style!


New & Improved

The P Line is packed with a whole host of brand new components, making the Brompton more reliable, efficient and lighter than ever. This includes their brand new 4-speed gearing system, using a cassette and redesigned derailleur rather than the hub gear you would traditionally find on a Brompton. Smooth-shifting and super light, this new system offers a wider range than the traditional 3-speed hub gear all while bringing the weight down and enhancing its ability to fit within the compact fold.

There’s more – new and improved wheels are not only lighter but also more durable than their predecessors. Additionally, a newly designed seatpost offers enhanced functionality, allowing you to lock it at two different points. This feature provides you with the flexibility to lower the seatpost fully or set it halfway for convenient rolling. Equipped with mudguards as standard, road spray is kept at bay, and you have the option to spec your P-Line with low, mid, or high handlebars, catering to your preferred riding style.


The Brompton P Line is available at Richmond Cycles in a variety of specs and paint jobs – check out our range here.

July 14, 2023 — Richmond Cycles