How To Fold Your Brompton: Manager Jake's Guide

When you think of a folding bike, you think of Brompton. Designed and built in Britain (just a short journey across the Thames from us!), these versatile machines are the ultimate companion for the daily commuter or casual rider.

How To Fold

If this is your first time dipping your toes into the world of Brompton, you might be wondering exactly how it works. This is Richmond Cycle’s guide on how to fold a Brompton, expertly demonstrated by our store manager Jake!

Step 1: Swing The Rear Wheel Under

Swing the rear wheel under the frame by turning the handlebars slightly to the left, setting the driveside pedal to 8 o’clock, and lifting the rear end of the bike while releasing the lever behind the seatpost. (If you have mudguards, lift the rear end high enough and guide the wheel to prevent the mudguard flap from scraping on the ground.)

Jake’s Bonus Tips: The most effective place to stand while folding a Brompton bike is on the left (if you’re left-handed, try standing on the right side!).

Step 2: Unclamp The Mainframe

Unscrew the mainframe clamp and hold the stem above the clamp while lifting the front of the bike slightly. Swing the front of the bike towards you and make sure the hook is in contact with the chainstay.

Step 3: Unclamp The Handlebars

This is the fun part – loosen the handlebar clamp to release the handlebar, then let it swing into place. The weight of the handlebar will secure it into the locking notch.

Step 4: Drop The Seatpost

Release the clamp and lower the seatpost into the frame to lock everything in place. This interlocks the folding mechanism and allows for a compact fold. (Remember to engage the clamp again after lowering.) 

Step 5: Fold The Pedal

Fold the left side pedal by pushing the centre and lifting it – this will prevent any unwelcome shin strikes when carrying your Brompton. Listen for a click to ensure it is folded.

How To Fold Your Brompton – 1 Minute Tutorial Video

See the fold in action by checking out our short video tutorial on how to fold your Brompton!

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How To Fold Your Brompton

1 Minute Tutorial


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