Introducing Wizard Works: Handmade Bike Luggage

Whether you’re commuting to work or rolling out on a continent-crossing adventure, high-quality and durable bike luggage bags will make your experience 10x better. Wizard Works – a local London-based company – is setting by example, crafting beautifully designed, hand-made bicycle luggage bags that are not only functional but also stylish. In this article, we’ll learn a little more about the brand and their excellent product range.

About Wizard Works

Founded in 2019, owners Harry and Veronica (pictured) started out in Ve’s family garage in New Zealand before returning to Harry’s hometown to create Wizard Works as we know it today. Both are experienced cycle-tourers in their own right, and have covered thousands of miles cycled over 16 countries together – which is where this adventure began! 

Combining their love for cycling and camping, this small but mighty company aims to add a splash of fun to your cycling adventures. With an emphasis on cute shapes and bold colours, these high-quality bikepacking bags are perfect for all kinds of two-wheeled excursions, turning heads as you go! Best of all, they’re made locally – the team, consisting of 5 humans and 1 robot, bring their unique designs to life by hand out of their South East London-based studio. So, let’s take a closer look at the range:

Seat Packs

Seat packs or saddle bags are one of the most popular pieces of luggage when it comes to cycling. Whether it’s a compact tool roll for your spares and repairs or something more substantial for those big days in the saddle, Wizard Works has got you covered:

Teeny Houdini Saddle Bag

When you think of a saddle bag, this is what you think of – compact and convenient, this is the ideal place to keep a spare tube and a few tools. Complete with a Fidlock magnetic buckle, an easy-to-access flap-style opening and some pretty cool colourways, this is an essential bit of kit for the everyday cyclist!

Mag-Neato Tool Roll

Keep your tools and spares organised and out of the way with the Mag-Neato tool roll. For those that like to keep things lightweight but still want to carry the essentials, this is the perfect solution. Also featuring a Fidlock buckle, attaching and accessing is super easy.

Shazam Saddle Bag

If you’re looking for something to fit the kitchen sink in, the Shazam is a perfect choice. Mountable to your bars or saddle, the main compartment has up to 22.5L of space inside (size: Regular) and even has 2 extra side pockets for quick access to your essentials!

Bar & Stem Bags

Front-end storage has become more and more popular in recent times, and for good reason! Super convenient and easy to reach, accessible storage out front is the best way to carry the things you’ll need throughout your ride

Lil Presto Barrel Bag

Say goodbye to overstuffed jersey pockets and hello to your easy-to-reach essentials! With plenty of space for all the extras you could need for a big day in the saddle or on your way to work, the beautifully made and suitably stylish Lil Presto barrel bag is a popular choice for all kinds of riders. 

(Bonus tip: thanks to the handy straps, it could even double up as an oversized saddle bag!)

Voila! Stem Bag

Need some extra space for snacks or another bottle? Want to keep essentials like your phone or keys close to hand? The Voila stem bag is a great use of space up front that would otherwise be empty, keeping the weight out of your pockets while still being convenient. It’s a great supplement to a bikepacking setup, or super useful on its own.

Frame Bags

With so much empty space in between the tubes of your frame, it seems a shame not to use it to your advantage! That’s where the humble frame bag comes in: designed to fit neatly in your frame without obstructing your pedal stroke, for the bits and bobs that you’ll need quick access to on your journey, a frame bag is hard to beat.


For big adventures or daily commutes, whether it’s for extra layers or a shedload of snacks, a full-size frame bag is the perfect companion. With a secure fit thanks to the elastic webbing and downtube straps, pack away all the kit you need without a concern in the robust and resplendent Framebagracadabra!

(Available in 4 different sizes)

Go-Go Top Tube Bag

Sleek and out of the wind while providing storage space for snacks and spares – what more could you ask for? Sitting neatly on your top tube, this is the ideal storage solution for riders no matter the distance or pace. The daisy chain and velcro strap ensure a snug fit with your frame so that there’s no sway even when fully loaded!

Basket & Rack Bags

Few bike bags can boast the storage capacity that a basket can offer, so why not combine the two? Carry your weekly shop or run your daily errands, the possibilities are endless with the car boot of the bike world!

Alakazam Basket Bag/Pelagazam Rasket Bag

Expand the storage capacity of your basket (and make it look even cooler!) with the Alakazam/Pelagazam basket bag. From running to the shops to big bikepacking adventures, the rolltop design ensures you can carry everything you’ll ever need – there are even ‘pizza straps’ included for the most precious kind of cargo!

(Alakazam is designed to fit perfectly in Wald 137 & 139 baskets, while Pelagazam is designed for the Pelago Rasket)

Richmond Cycles are a proud Wizard Works stockist. Click here to see what we have in-stock, or head in-store to check out our Wizard Works bags in person!