Functional, fast, convenient and fun to ride, electric bikes are more popular than ever, and they’re only getting better! Right at the forefront of the movement are Benno Bikes. Pushing the envelope of what’s possible with the electric bicycle format with their ‘Etility’ range of bikes. Here we’ll discover their range and find out exactly what their ‘Etility’ ethos is all about!

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What is an "Etility E-Bike"?

While Etility bikes may have two wheels and a motor, they aren’t your bog-standard E-Bikes and that’s about where the similarities end. Taking the E-Bike market by storm, Benno’s Etility ethos is the perfect blend of versatility and reliability, designed as a sustainable way of transporting goods or even people across towns and cities.

The Range

Benno’s founder Benno Baenziger had a goal in mind from the start: to inspire people to grab a helmet and leave their car keys behind – and that’s exactly what these bikes do. Adaptable to a wide range of use cases, from family duties to essential deliveries, the limits are almost endless.


This radical design is far from the traditional triangles we’re used to seeing on modern bicycles, and it's clear to see that Benno isn’t held back by the ‘rules’ of bike design. The RemiDemi’s frame and features are purpose-built for urban transit: compact wheelbase for manoeuvrability in city environments, innovative geometry that’s highly adjustable to accommodate use for the whole family, and super-chunky semi-slick tyres for maximum grip, comfort and durability. With an impressive carrying capacity of 180kg and rack mounting options front and rear, the weekly shop is a walk (or should we say ride!) in the park – you could even take the kids to school on it!


Much like the RemiDemi, the Boost certainly doesn’t adhere to the traditional parameters of bike design, but this time focuses on slightly heavier and oversized loads for commercial and personal use: longer wheelbase, mounting options throughout, 85Nm of torque and dual-battery capacity. When it comes to versatile workhorses, it doesn’t get much better – whether it’s for all-day delivery shifts, multi-day touring or outings with the family, the Benno Boost is ideal for a wide range of two-wheeled travels.


The eJoy applies Benno’s forward-thinking ethos to a more traditional format, taking the shape of the familiar Dutch-style town bikes. Comfortable, convenient and downright stylish, the eJoy is the perfect bike for day-to-day cruising with the ability to get things done. An assortment of storage options both front and rear make way for all the luggage you could possibly need, combined with their sturdy frame design allowing you to carry 2x the weight of a standard electric town bike. The step-through design makes mounting and dismounting simple and hassle-free, and Bosch’s mid-drive motor is as capable as ever.

Test Rides Recommended!

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