Quoc recently announced the launch of its latest Lalashan collection, offering a diverse new range of road cycling shoes, XC shoes, and off-road shoes to cater to all kinds of riders. Inspired by the nature-rich forests and adventure trails of Northern Taiwan's Lalashan Mountain Range, this new collection promises to meet the demands of the modern-day cyclist. With a focus on both form and function, in our opinion, this new offering from Quoc ticks all the boxes!

We were lucky enough to receive our first delivery last week, so in this article, we'll take a first look at this exciting new range of cycling shoes from Quoc and see exactly what it is they’ve got to offer.

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Gran Tourer XC

As the name suggests, this shoe is made for the trails. It's the culmination of Quoc's Gran Tourer series, and they've really hit the nail on the head with this one. With the ultimate goal of creating a shoe that is high-performing while maximising comfort, this is probably the model we’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on the most.

One of the more noticeable differences is the introduction of the Dual Dial closure system. Introducing a second dial provides a snug fit, ensuring that your foot stays secure on the rough stuff, as well as eliminating hotspots for uncompromised comfort. The stiff carbon composite outsole and pronounced TPU tread make for excellent power transfer and grip, while the replaceable TPU spike provides even more traction on slippery surfaces.

The comfort of the GT series never fails to impress, and the new GTXC is no different. Carrying over the same padded heel cushioning and foot-moulding insoles from the Gran Tourer, the new model also adds a choice of three arch inserts for maximum support. For those hot and humid days (admittedly few and far between at the moment!), the organically positioned air holes provide breathability, which is always appreciated. The abrasion-resistant microfibre and rubber toe cap provide durability and protection, finished in a choice of traditional and unique collection colours. Naturally, the Quoc Gran Tourer XC is compatible with MTB/SPD cleats.

For the rider looking for a shoe that can handle any off-road adventure with ease, we’d highly recommend the Quoc Gran Tourer XC. It's not just a shoe that looks good, it performs exceptionally well and offers incomparable comfort.

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Escape Road

The Escape Road takes a slightly different stance compared to Quoc’s existing road model, the Mono II. It's not necessarily designed for all-out racing, but rather geared more towards endurance and ultra-distance riding. This shoe also comes in at a slightly lower price point versus their Mono II, making it a great option for a wider range of budgets while retaining the same quality and comfort.

One thing that really sets the Escape Road apart is how well they handle rough terrain. If the road turns to rough stuff, the Escape Road takes it in its stride thanks to the lightweight yet durable, easy-to-clean PU upper construction and a reinforced guard protecting the toe cap. If you do have to go on foot, there’s no need to worry about scuffing up your shoes!

The single-dial closure system allows for micro-adjustable support, while the reflective zig-zag guides ensure even pressure distribution to eliminate hotspots. The malleable heel padding and supportive, foot-hugging fit make the Escape Road a pleasure to wear, especially on big days in the saddle. Complete with a carbon composite outsole balancing both stiffness and comfort, we can’t think of a situation where you wouldn’t be happy with these shoes!

Quoc has also paid attention to breathability, incorporating organically structured ventilation air holes to keep your feet cool on those hot summer rides. The Escape Road’s unique combination of durability, comfort, and versatility makes it a great choice for casual riders, endurance enthusiasts, and everything in between.

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Escape Off-Road

Part 2 of Quoc's Escape range, the Escape Off-Road brings sleek and stylish design to trail riding performance durability. Coming in at a sensible price point, they’re great for gravel, XC, MTB & local trails – all in all, these shoes do not disappoint!

One of the standout features is the glass-fibre reinforced Nylon outsole, delivering plenty of stiffness and power through the pedal stroke without compromising comfort. This means you'll feel confident and supported on even the toughest trails. Plus, the TPU tread and integrated spike provide excellent grip both on and off the bike.

The shoe is also designed for durability, with an abrasion-resistant upper that's easy to clean. And, with a reinforced toe guard, you can be sure your shoes are protected from rocks and other obstacles on the trail.

But don't think that durability comes at the cost of comfort. The Escape Off-Road features supporting padding and contoured shaping for impact resistance and a comfortable fit. The single dial closure system allows for micro-adjustments to achieve the perfect fit, while the zig-zag guide also helps to evenly distribute pressure and eliminate hot spots. Ventilation holes provide temperature regulation and breathability, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable on those hot summer rides.

Overall, the Escape Off-Road is a fantastic option for anyone who loves to hit the trails. Whether you're into gravel, XC, MTB, or local trails, this shoe is designed to deliver high performance and durability, all while looking great on your feet.


Lala Slide

Introducing the Lala Slide – no, this isn't a new dance craze, it's the latest offering from Quoc – a slip-on shoe designed for ultimate post-ride comfort! After a long day on the bike, the Lala Slide offers casual comfort with minimalist elegance.

Don't let the simple design fool you. The Lala Slide features an anatomically designed footbed, cushioning, and arch shaping to ensure the highest level of comfort possible. The grippy, anti-slip tread also ensures that you won't be sliding around when walking on slick surfaces.

The extra-thick dual straps utilise Quoc's premium signature microfibre, providing excellent support and comfort. If you happen to be walking around on a hot day, the aeration footbed design will keep your feet cool and ensure maximum breathability on long tours.

The Quoc Lala Slide is a stylish and comfortable option for those who want to kick back after a long ride. When it comes to post-ride relaxation, these slides will keep your feet feeling comfortable and supported.


Explore our range of QUOC shoes here, we've got plenty in-stock! 


April 13, 2023 — Richmond Cycles