It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Wizard Works here at Richmond Cycles – as well as looking damn good, Wizard Works bags serve a practical purpose. Their eclectic range of cycling storage covers all bases, from full-size frame bags worthy of a continent-crossing epic to simple stem bags that’ll keep your coffee close to hand on your way to work! 

In this article, we’ll be taking a peek into the contents of our staff’s Wizard Works bags and discover the essentials that our team use on a daily basis.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Wizard Works range, check out our guide.


Phil's Go-Go Top Tube Bag

The Wizard Works Go-Go top tube bag is the perfect place for keeping your essentials close to hand, whether that’s mid-ride snacks, tools, keys – you name it!

Phil likes to keep his setup simple. A well-fuelled bike ride is a good ride, so warding off the dreaded bonk is of the utmost importance. This is why he has designated his up front storage as the snack department. Here you’ll find two Veloforte energy bars (the Mocha flavour to be precise!) – great for on the move, but even better when paired with a caffeinated beverage at the mandatory café stop! He also carries a pack of SiS Beta Fuel energy chews for when the pace picks up due to the quick-release energy and ease of consumption at speed.

Phil also opts to keep a rubber glove in his Go-Go top tube bag, prepared for when he suffers a mechanical out on the road – the last thing you want is grease-covered hands ruining your favourite jersey!


Jake's Lil Presto Bar Bag

Much like the Go-Go, the Lil Presto bar bag is excellent for keeping your ride essentials close to hand and out of your jersey pockets. With that being said, a bar bag offers more room for bulkier bits and bobs without obstructing your pedal stroke. 

The morning commute through Richmond Park can get pretty chilly, so the first thing you’ll find in Jake’s Lil Presto bar bag is Chapeau’s Club Race Cape – ideal for warding off the windchill and frosty air.

Next on the list is a spare inner tube, and there are no prizes for guessing what this is for! You can’t predict when you’ll have a puncture, so having a spare tube stowed away is a good idea on any kind of ride. Naturally, Jake also keeps his tyre lever and patch kit in his bar bag too. 

Unexpected mechanicals will also require tools, so keeping a multi-tool close to hand is always a good idea. Jake opts for a Park Tool IB-3 multi-tool, which has served him well over the years! Lastly, Jake keeps his keys tucked away safely in his Lil Presto bar bag rather than rattling away in his jersey pocket.


Adam's Mag-Neato Tool Roll

The Mag-Neato tool roll does what it says on the tin, serving as a compact and convenient place to keep your tools that you might not need all the time out of the way but ready to deploy when the time comes. 

Adam’s Mag-Neato setup airs on the side of minimalism, rather than testing the limits of its storage capacity. Here you’ll find several CO2 cartridges and a CO2 inflator, ready to pump up his tyres at record speed if he suffers a puncture when he’s out and about. These are paired with a Dynaplug tubeless repair kit for repairing those punctures.

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February 27, 2023 — Richmond Cycles